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GMB Safety Rep

Become a GMB Safety Rep

Protect your colleagues, build GMB’s strength and make sure your boss keeps you safe by becoming a GMB Safety Representative


Who is GMB’s safety representative for your work area?  If there isn’t one, why not consider becoming a GMB Safety Representative yourself?  You could make a real difference to the safety of your colleagues.  GMB Safety Representatives play a vital part to keep members – and your workplace – safe. 


As a GMB Safety Represetative you will also be helping to build GMB’s strength in your workplace.  You will get paid time off to complete your duties and will receive professional training to help you carry out the role.


As well as enforcing GMB’s Health and Safety Policy, GMB Safety Represenative campaign for a safer, healthier working environment and get GMB members involved in tackling any health and safety concerns that need to be dealt with.


Problem Solvers


A GMB Safety Representative’s duties include carrying out inspections in the workplace to spot problems, reporting health and safety issues to management and investigating accidents at work.


You’re there to help make sure your employer doesn’t cut corners or put anyone in danger.  Employers with five or more employees must have a written health and safety policy and give all employees a copy.  All employers should also record accidents in an accident book and report them to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


The Law


The law also says employers must carry out and act on a risk assessment of their workplaces and work practices.  Every employer that recognises GMB is legally required to give a copy of this risk assessment to GMB’s safety representatives.


If there’s a health and safety problem in your workplace, the best way to make sure your employer solves it for you is for GMB members to act together.  Members have the power to submit a collective complaint and demand meeting with management to agree a solution that works.


When an employer recognises GMB, safety representatives have the power to make them set up a safety committee, which they must do if two or more safety representatives ask for this.  Representatives sit on safety committees on behalf of GMB members.  They have the right to be consulted by their employers and to be kept informed about issues.


GMB encourages all of its workplace organisers to get involved in making their workplaces safer and healthier.  Where GMB is recognised by the employer, its policy is to have a team of trained and elected GMB safety representatives in place.  They are there to make sure that GMB is as effective as it can be.


Find out more from the Health and Safety section of the GMB Workplace Organisers’ toolkit, available from the regional office, whose contact number is 02920 491260.


If you would like to become a GMB Safety Representative, contact Craig Jones, Branch Secretary.