Join-GMB R45 Rhondda Cynon Taff Branch


Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does your employer consult the workforce BEFORE changes are made to your working practices?
  • Are you given the opportunity to have your say?
  • Do you work in a healthy and safe environment?
  • Is your pay reviewed on a regular basis?

If you have answered NO to any of these then we will be able to help you and your colleagues.

In law, you have a right to join a union and membership is confidential between the member and the union and can remain that way if subs are paid by direct debit or cash. However if subs are paid by check-off the employer will know they are a member because of making the deductions from wages so it is like waiving that confidentiality.

If 50% plus one employees in your place of work join GMB, we can apply for recognition.  This means GMB can come into your company and directly negotiate on your behalf.  Even without recognition, we can represent our members at disciplinaries and grievances.

Why Join?

Joining the GMB makes real sense. The GMB is a union committed to protecting you at work. Whoever you are, wherever you work: joining the GMB is the right decision. 

As a GMB member you are more secure at work because you are part of an effective union of 900,000 members. The GMB has members in every part of the UK economy doing every type of job imaginable. Our members are men and women, full and part time, young and old and are made up of a wide and diverse cross section of our society. Every day of the year the GMB is solving members' problems and we provide expert guidance and advice to people at work on a range of issues including:

  • long hours of work low pay work life balance job insecurity pensions health and safety legal advice bullying and harassment equality at work
  • disciplinary and grievance matters

The GMB has over 25,000 shop stewards - people at work who voluntarily give their time to help their workmates. Backing up these shop stewards are a network of full time officials and specialists who negotiate, advise and represent GMB members.  We can provide expert advice on employment law, health and safety, pensions, terms and conditions and much more. In fact if it's to do with work we are the experts. 




You can now join GMB instantly online!! -

or download a membership form and send it back to the Pontypridd office PDFlogo