Product-GMB R45 Rhondda Cynon Taff Branch

GMB Purpose


GMB's purpose is to improve the quality of life for all GMB members and their families, widening horizons and bringing new opportunities into reach. GMB aim to enhance the lives of GMB members and ensure that their achievements spearhead the advance of working people in Britain and the world.

Every GMB member should have the opportunity to discover and develop his/her talents. All GMB members should enjoy work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

GMB work in partnership with more farsighted employers, negotiating constructive and beneficial agreements that help to achieve our purpose.

We will work to widen the understanding of employers whose horizons and objectives are more limited. GMB will be a friend to humanity, but an enemy to exploitation, discrimination and injustice.

GMB will persuade non-members to join, stimulate members to become active, and encourage activists to take full part in the life of GMB. In particular, GMB will recruit and nurture young people so that we enrich their lives and safeguard the future of GMB and GMB values.

GMB will train local representatives to represent GMB members with dignity and expertise, so that they win respect for their members, for GMB, and for themselves.

GMB will recruit and sustain our membership by outstanding service to working people and their families, encouraging membership that lasts from the cradle to the grave. GMB aim to achieve the reputation as the best Trade Union in Europe.

GMB will create an atmosphere of teamwork and joint endeavour in which every office holder and every employee of  GMB will feel personally responsible for achieving our purpose.