Services-GMB R45 Rhondda Cynon Taff Branch

The GMB is one of Britainís largest national trade unions catering for all occupations and industries. Our network of 25,000 representatives supported by an extensive network of employment law specialists, health & safety professionals and expert negotiators provides:

Advice, support & representation on any work-related matter.

Legal advice and support for you and your family,

Collective bargaining to  maintain and improve your working

As a GMB member you are also further protected by a range of insurance policies as well as entitled to access a range of  competitive financial benefits. These include:                      

National Accident Benefit    (for being off  work for over 14 days due to an accident at work)

Indemnification  All nursing & care staff  have £5,000,000 legal cover*)

Funeral Benefit (Premium for those final costs)

Fatal Accident Benefit(Premium to dependants)

Family Accident Insurance(Cash Benefits of up to £1,000,000)

Free Wills (Joint or single wills completely free with union solicitors)

Discount Car Hire (Special 15% discount)

Annual Holiday Insurance(Comprehensive worldwide cover)

Motor Insurance

Home Insurance

Personal Loans

Mortgage Arrangements

GMB Credit Card

Home Warranty & Pet Insurance

Tax Services  (Help with your tax Return with Unity)

Transport Hardship Assistance(£5.20 a Year)

Road Traffic Accident Scheme(If injured on the road as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian you could be entitled to free legal advice)

Union Law Scheme(Free legal advice on problems NOT CONNECTED with work)

Common Law Assistance For Occupational Injury or Diseases

Dispute, Lock-Out & Vitimisation Benefit